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We are a charitable society registered under the Societies Act. Therefore all donations made to us are tax deductible under the sections of the Societies Act.

Since we disburse one third of our earnings approximately as charity, we are dependant on donations for capital expenditure.

We are grateful to God who has provided us with all we need.

We hope to make this page more interactive for those who would like to donate to our cause. Current donations may be sent to

The Medical Superintendent, The Lady Willingdon Hospital, Manali, HP 175131. Email of the hospital is lwhmanali@gmail.com.

We are required under the FCRA act to furnish the report of our donors on our website.

S. No. Name and Address Amount Received (INR) Receipt Date
1 Unknown 13034.00 13/04/2016
2 Manali Medical Aid, Advancement Office, Faculty of HealthSciences, University of Queensland, Australia 926466.19 18/04/2016
3 Terry Ryan, 24, Short Avenue Hawthirnedone, 5051 Edilide, Australia 53911.00 25/04/2016
4 Terry Prime, Australia 41300.00 17/06/2016



Foreign Contribution Received From 01/07/2016 to 30/09/2016
S. No. Name and Address Amount Received (INR) Receipt Date
1 Unknown 9194.00 15/07/2016
2 Handimachal Association, 19 rue Roger Bacon, 75017 Paris, France 511280.00 28/07/2016
3 Diocese of Amritsar (Received as Second Recipient in India) 1200000.00 24/08/2016