About Us


We need  a pediatrician and a radiologist urgently. (Our ultrasound machines have been sealed since we do not have a qualified radiologist to operate them).

We need a Maintainance Supervisor who is well versed with equipment Maintainance and civil and electrical works. 

We need a Community Manager who will take our community work forward. 


For twelve years, we have used a single chip laparoscopic camera and stack. It would be good to replace this stack. The estimated cost of a new stack and set is Rs. (INR) Thirty seven lacs. ( Fifty thousand US$)


The outpatient department and the male ward are decrepit and in immediate need of replacement. This is a mega project, one that we have architectural plans for but wait on the funding to make it possible.
  • For God’s kingdom values to be our values.
  • For transmission of these values into life and work
  • For development in keeping with these priorities
  • For percolation of these values into our community.
  • For more like minded people to join us