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Annual day message

Posted by: Philip Alex | Posted on: November 30th, 2014 | 0 Comments

Here is the transcript of the Annual day message by Dr. Philip Alexander:



Another year has passed by. Personally this year marks ten years of us being with you all and working here. For many of you that might be thirty, or twenty. For others it might be one, or two. Others will be in between. All of us have learnt from each other. All of us have changed. We are not today what we were yesterday. We see that in the growth of our children, and prefer not to see it in the lines in our faces and grey in our hair.


This is the first time in history that the hospital and school have met together for an annual day program. For me, that is a great encouragement. And the reason I say that is because we are all about some common business in Manali. The hospital and School are testimony and witness to what God is doing here in our midst. What has God been doing here?


In the hospital I am most grateful for each of you who work and put your shoulder and hands to the work. To long hours of work and intense pressures. To putting patients first, ahead of your own comforts, food and sleep. For every person who joins hands to deliver a standard of care at an affordable cost in the spirit of Christ. We have done it. You have done it. We have become an efficient team, functioning together and doing our best to provide this quality of care here in Manali and I am proud of all of you. Let us continue to hold this standard high. Our people we work for deserve no less. I am particularly proud of our community outreach this year, which has been targeted and specific and has brought hope to many who may not have had hope otherwise and wish to recognize the efforts of the whole team, led by Dr. Bishan Shasani. At this time I also want to thank and appreciate Dr Ranjit Christopher, who characteristically will stay behind the scenes but has played a very important role in taking the hospital forwards and keeping things ticking. I am also very grateful to our team of nurses and ward aides headed by Sister Rashmi who are the ones being the hands and feet of ministering Gods’ love. Having said that, I do want to acknowledge every person in the hospital team, whom I consider an essential part of all our effort here. Thank you.


In the school I am most proud of each of the staff who have jelled together as a team and demonstrated that the cause of the school is much greater than the differences that may exist. For pulling together, under Mr. Vijay’s leadership and emerging today stronger and demonstrating that nothing can divide you because all of you love Daystar school and the students you serve. You have now started a new chapter with the eleventh and twelfth ISC class and may the daystar school flag flutter high and give hope and a future for all who pass under it.


Jeremiah 29:11 declares that the Lord has a plan for us, a plan to give us hope and a future. We have seen this in personal lives and in the life of this society. The most important thing I would like all of us to recognize is that this effort is not about us. Not about hospital, or school, or Mr. Vijay or about me, not about one or two people, or about a group of people. We must all recognize that we are part of God’s plan. All of us. Together. No one is above, no one is below. We answer to Him in our work, and in our attitude. That is a fearsome statement, because whether we realize it or not, acknowledge it or not, it is a truth. What it means is that He will measure, judge, reward and uplift. Our work should be of such a high standard, that we should be able to hear him say “Well done, good and faithful servant”. Because in the final summary that is what all of life is about, about us being faithful to what He has given us to do and doing it with an attitude of a servant.


Thinking about the next year, I want to leave with you one phrase which I believe is what our combined service here does for the community. That phrase is “holding out hope”. That is what we do. We hold out a hope. For patients, for students, for parents, for desperate situations. We don’t provide it, nor own it or distribute it as if it was our possession. We hold it out. It is up to the patients, students and those we serve to lay hold of it. When patients and students leave us they should leave us with hope. All patients may not be cured, and all students may not come first in class, but each should leave us with hope. Because we do possess a hope that has been given to us. It is not ours. It was given to us. We may not always have all the cures, or solutions. But we have a hope. We may not always see the road in the darkness, but hope is our guide and light for the future. We hold on to that hope and hold it out for others. The Bible says “those that lived in the darkness have seen a great light”. That is the coming of Christmas, the coming of Jesus into the world to provide that hope. He did not come to fix the world, but to provide all those who have no hope a living hope while in the world. A hope that does not disappoint us. A hope that will lead us. It is the hope in a living God.


What do we hope for in the next year? What do you hope for in your personal lives, family lives and in the lives of our institutions? I hope for His kingdom to come in me, in my family and in our institutions. When His kingdom comes, all darkness will have to give way to light, and the hope that is within us will be a light shining in the darkness, drawing others to it, and igniting hope in all the people’s hearts, which basically is the Christmas message for all the world.


May you all have a wonderful holiday, a blessed Christmas and a hope filled new year.

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