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May 12th, 2010

Lag valley camp

The Lag valley though near Kullu is tucked away between the mountains, a fact that has rendered the people less able to access health care. We conducted a camp in Shalang village school, where two hundred patients came to access free medical, dental, eye and phsyiotherapy check ups and receive free medicines.

February 15th, 2010

The silence of snowfall

Anything that falls from the sky usually has a sound associated with it, be it rain, hail, or a tree crashing to the ground. However, snow, real snow, light and crisp when it falls is enveloped in a veil of silence. That is amazing. A reminder of the many blessings that we take for granted everyday that shower on us silently from above.

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February 9th, 2010

More snow

Snow has arrived, and a whole bunch of it. Three feet on the ground and the forecast says there is more to come. There has been no electricity for the past two days.

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February 7th, 2010

Winter carnival 2010

The rain has been constant for the past twenty four hours. However, this did not dampen the spirit and enthusiasm of the local folks, who turned out ic large number with umbrellas to watch the winter carnival procession. For the first time, Lady Willingdon Hospital took part, with a float depicting the growth of the hospital and commemorating the 75 years of service to the community. Well done team!

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January 26th, 2010

Republic day 2010

There will be a flag hoisting for the Republic day 2010. The first group of staff have returned refreshed from their annual vacation and the next group is geared to leave tomorrow.

January 12th, 2010

Ambulance service

In the whole of Himachal State there is no ventilated ambulance for the transfer of intubated patients for tertiary care. We have been calling the ambulances from CMC Ludhiana and Fortiss, eight to nine hours away by road. These services charge a huge sum for this facility. Even transferring a patient for CT scan to Kullu becomes a feat if the patient is unstable. We hope to enter a new dimension of patient care by initiating an equipped ambulance service for the local people at an affordable cost within the reach of the average person. We have taken this step in faith, and hope that funding for this will come. We do have some funds with which we have ordered the ambulance. The entire service should be operational by March end. Donations may be made out to “Lady Willingdon Hospital” Manali. Contact person is Dr. Philip Alexander, Lady Willingdon Hospital, Manali, HP INDIA 175131 at, 91-9816033110.Please call or email if you are interested in supporting this project.

January 8th, 2010


Praise flows to you O Lord

As the rivers hurry to the seas

Continual, perpetual gurgling motion

Tumbling thrilling rock and greisen

Swelling flood and icy floe

White laced rapids and eddies go

At this sodden passage

Earth sidelined applauds

The rushing echo of its spray

May the measured mileage of all my days

Be to you eternal praise

January 5th, 2010

Let it snow!

Snow or rather a smattering of it, has finally arrived in Manali. It has been cold enough here, but the initial snow was wet and heavy. We do hope it will be a good season this year.

December 17th, 2009

Merry Christmas all

Christmas is in the air. The hospital has been decorated with lights and buntings festoon the ward. The staff will be starting their winter vacation soon and it is time to wind down and breathe a sigh of thankfulness for a full year. The staff has been unified in their service and I constantly thank God for the opportunity to work with such a wonderful team. Our Annual day program, on the 12th, showcased the wonderful talent of all of our staff. We thank God for His constant presence, His protection, and His leading.

I would like to share three things about Christmas from the familiar Christmas story:

1. Christmas, though long awaited, was unexpected. The arrival of Jesus was a surprise to sleepy Bethlehem. Gods work is characteristically unexpected. He turns up in places and situations that surprise us. May we always be ready for His appearance.

2. Christmas demanded a choice. Mary chose to be a handmaiden. Gods work demands a choice on our part, one which we can make freely.

3. Christmas was seen by those who had the eyes of faith. All of Bethlehem and the jealous eyes of Herod missed Jesus even though Herod used the entire government machinery to search for the child. Yet, he was seen by humble shepherds and by the three kings. Christmas is seen by those who believe because they looked for him

May we be open to His work in and around us this Christmas.

Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year. We look forward to 2010, our Jubilee year, marking 75 years of service as a hospital.



December 12th, 2009

Annual day a huge success

The Annual day 2009 was a huge success. The staff displayed their wide ranging talent, with songs, skits, dances. A wonderful time was had by all.