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December 7th, 2009

The arrival of the unexpected

In the days of king Herod, wise men from the east arrived unexpectedly in Jerusalem. The arrival of Christmas was unexpected. God is full of surprises. His orchestration is ever beyond the calculated probabilities that we work with. The Christmas message is one of universal unexpected joy in the middle of the schemes and wiles of men. It always culminates in the worship of the Son.

May the joy of Christmas be yours this season.

December 1st, 2009

The origin of homicide

Reading from Genesis 4: The origin of murder. Cain was furious and downcast because his offering was not accepted. The Bible says that God questioned his emotions. We assume our emotions, flighty as they are not the keys to profound life principles. However, the warning that “sin crouches at the door” brings the anticipation of evil as a consequence of wrong emotions. We are taught not to depend on our emotions, and often discard them as a willow the wisp wingers of evanescent feelings. However, the correlation between these tangible feelings and the state of our heart is too real to ignore. Cain was furious, and downcast. Be angry, the Bible says, but do not sin, and do not let the sun go down on your anger. It is an inescapable fact that all have at some point felt the hot glow of anger. The KJV uses the words glow with anger in this translation. A consequence of unrequited anger is often discouragement and depression. Anger, most often is a wrong emotion, since its seat is in unrequited expectation. Cain had no right to expect God to accept his sacrifice on Cains terms. But that is what he was expecting. Our sacrifices will be acceptable to God on His terms. The rebellion of Cain did not stop at this. It went on to produce anger and depression, even as his plants produced fruits and leaves. When we feel these emotions, a sobering question should by “Why”. If rightly examined, the answer could lead us out of this ravine that leads to disaster. The basis of God’s acceptance on us will always have to be on His terms, not on ours. And as sure as clouds lead to rain, un requited unwarranted emotion exposes the rabid hound of sin, straining at the leash of our door. Its desire will always be to destroy and consume us. Yet, we hold the key to its mastery.

When have we been angry or depressed? For some, these emotions are the fabric of life. It is time to examine these emotions, and ask ourselves that loaded question – Why? Perhaps it will unravel the warped weave of twisted logic that leads invariably to disaster and yield up the key to shutting out the lurking fiends that strain to consume us.

November 22nd, 2009

Pictures of ENT Camp

Over five hundred patients were seen and eleven major surgeries performed. This is an indication of the extent and the need for ent intervention in this region. People have just accepted their disability and live with their handicap, because the logistics of obtaining care are beyond their reach. DSC00802 DSC00805 DSC00807 DSC00823

November 20th, 2009

ENT Camp in Manali

The ENT camp in manali has started out with a bang, with over two hundred patients being seen the first day. Dr. George Ani and Dr. Anshul are the consultant surgeons. The team performed the first tympanoplasty ever to be done in manali yesterday with great success. We thank God for this provision.

November 14th, 2009

Touch the mountains and they smoke

The Psalms comes to life looking out of our windows, as we see the clouds descend and envelop the mountains. Indeed it is as if the mountains are smoking with wisps of constantly changing cloud haloing their peaks. A constant reminder of His presence.


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August 31st, 2009

Apple blossoms

Apple season in the valley. This year the crop has not been very good. However, the rains are on now, and the last of the apples still festoon the trees.

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August 26th, 2009

August newsletter

As summer wanes, we always breathe a sigh of relief. Relief for the knowledge that we have survived another tourist incursion and the muscle weary summer sprint for the year is now over. The hospital stayed busy throughout the summer months. Sister Victoria, our new nursing superintendent, has brought up nursing standards considerably. Philip stayed busy in the operating room and Anna was tireless in the OPD. The addition of Dr. Ritu Lakesar, our gynecologist, has been a huge blessing. We are witness to His faithfulness in healing through many, more stories of amazing recoveries. We are now gearing up for the Jubilee celebrations, of the hospital in 2010, as we celebrate 75 years of service in this valley. You can keep up with this on the hospital website under the “Jubilee celebrations” page.

Highlights for the staff so far have been a raise in salaries for all middle level staff, a “Ward clean up day”, “Independence Day celebrations”, and committees to initiate the Jubilee celebrations.

We continue to sponsor local children for higher education. This year we have sent the following students for training: You can read about them on the website under the “Sponsored Students” page.

· Thotwan Vashum (OT Technician)

· Tulwanti (Nursing training)

· Meena (Nursing training)

· Ashish Giri (Coaching for med school)

We hope to be able to finalize plans for the New OPD soon and to work towards starting that construction in the coming months.

August collage (1280 x 720)

August 17th, 2009

A miracle

Ram (name changed) was brought to our casualty unresponsive, without pulse, blood pressure or respiration, with the history of being electrocuted. His pupils were not reacting. Active resuscitation was begun immediately in casualty. His pulse returned, and he was ventilated over the next two days. Eventually he was weaned off the ventilator. He began to respond gradually and over a period of a month began to respond to command. This is an amazing recovery. We are looking at discharging him now, with the relatives taught to take care of him at home. We have seen some amazing recoveries, and we know this has to be God.

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August 16th, 2009

Local natti (Himachal dance)

Great show by the hospital staff, with an almost extempore local natti. 

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August 15th, 2009

Independance day celebrations

Independance day flag hoisting was performed in the courtyard of the hospital. Shri Naveen Tanwar, Pradhan, Shri Yograj, Up pradhan and Smt Pushpa ward member presided. A local natti dance performed by the hospital staff was a great hit.