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April 5th, 2015

Happy Easter

Easter brings hope into hopelessness, light into darkness. May we also be instruments of this message, like this photo tries to depict.

Happy easter.



April 3rd, 2015

And here’s to the new financial year

A new financial year has started. Rain has been incessant, winter reluctant to make way for summer, though the leaves have sprouted  in ready eagerness, unheeded by the dark rain clouds.  Another year has begun, and in case you were wondering if we were hibernating till now, we time our year with the financial year beginning in April.

This years calendar looks packed already, and we have not even started!

We have a profusion of camps lined up, and also work across the pass when it opens.

We have been joined by Pastor David Rout, filling for the first time possibly in history, the role of a full time hospital chaplain. His wife Esther will minister with him, and his two dogs also are very vocal in their willingness to help their ministry here.

We bid farewell to Dr. Ankita, who returns to CMC Vellore to complete her service obligation.

We welcome Dr. Thomas Abraham junior resident, as also look forward to Dr. Andrew Christodos joining us from CMC Vellore in the same capacity.

We are also delighted to welcome Dr. Prakash Jain and his wife for a few months. Dr. Prakash is a hepatobiliary surgeon, and his wife an Anesthetist.

Watch this space for further details and some pictures, as soon as we get them.


February 22nd, 2015

Farewell to Grant and Charlene

We bid a fond farewell now to Grant and Charlene Campbell who have been with us for the past seven years. They undertake a six month sabbatical. Grant has helped us with the ambulance service, the bls classes for staff and first responder training for the community. Charlene taught music in the school initially and then later concentrated on keeping their home open and welcoming to all the youth for whom the tree house was a haven and a second home. Thanks, Grant Charlene, and hope you have a blessed time away. We hope to see you again!


February 20th, 2015

Let it snow!

It is snowing here in Manali. The electricity is out again, and there is no knowing when it will return. The snow is constant, sometimes rainy, sometimes light, but has been consistent. Opd attendance is minimal, and our doctors huddle to keep warm!. Here in this photograph  we have representation from Andhra Pradesh, Germany, Kerala, and Singapore – truly doctors without borders!


February 12th, 2015

Disaster planning cell

The District Disaster Authority (D.C. Kullu) office had invited a number of non governmnent agencies today (12th February 2015) to Kullu for a meeting. They had proposed setting up a cell consisting of government and non government organisations that would help planning for disasters in the district. The Lady Willingdon hospital has been asked to serve as part of this cell, with a mandate to bring proposals for disaster prevention, mitigation and relief. This is a unique opportunity and one that we welcome as we work together with others in this region. Dr. Ranjit Christopher, Dr. David Reichardt and Dr. Philip Alexander had attended and participated in this meeting.

January 25th, 2015

Seminar on PC-PNDT act

A seminar was held on the PC PNDT act in the Lady Willingdon Hospital on the 24th of January 2015, celebrated as the “Girl child day”. The C.M.O, and D.A.A., Kullu, Shri Baldev Thakur  was Chief guest and the main speaker. He presented a fascinating talk focussing on the unequal sex ratio across India and its implications.

In this Christian Mission hospital, we firmly hold all life to be invaluable. We make no distinction between a fetus and a person and regard abortion as a crime. For this reason, we do not perform M.T.P here in our hospital, even if medical reasons justify it.

We are also committed  to fulfill all the law by ensuring our compliance with this and all other laws that do not contravene the laws that our Creator has given to us. This session educated our staff in the finer points of this act and will help them in the conduct of their daily routines as they intersect with this act.

We thank  our C.M.O, the respected Dr. Baldev Thakur for making this topic so easily understandable to us.



November 13th, 2014

ENT Camp a boon to the deaf

The ENT camp was held in LWH Manali for the fifth year in succession. Large numbers of patients were seen, and microscopic surgery performed on eight patients by Drs. George Ani and Vibhor Jain. We see God’s hand of providence in the work here, since just at this time, a four year old boy was brought at deaths doorstep, with a very rare condition. This condition prevented him from being able to breath because his vocal cords were fixed and were not allowing him to breathe properly. Fortuitously both the ent surgeons were here and operated on him and he is now a much more comfortable little boy who can look forward to life. The father is from nepal, and does not have resources to go elsewhere for treatment. How wonderful that all this worked out the way it did! Thanks team!

November 6th, 2014

Picnic fun


The hospital enjoyed a day picnic at Heritage resorts this week, with the staff letting down their hair and enjoying boat rides, bridge walking, dancing (lots of dancing), a challenging treasure hunt, and a game of tambola. Lunch and snacks were delicious, and a good time was had by all.

September 29th, 2014

Keylong camp

The team is back from Keylong. A multispecialty camp was held at the zonal hospital Keylong from 22nd to the 26th of September. Over one thousand one hundred and fifteen patients were seen. There were fifty two surgeries performed, including eighteen eye surgeries. All went very smoothly, and all the patients are well, for which we are grateful to God and to the team which worked together very well.

September 5th, 2014

Orthopedic camp

Dr. Koshy George, Orthopedic specialist conducted a camp in Manali from the 23rd of August to the 3rd of September. Large numbers of patients waited patiently for him in long lines every day. He was kept busy, in the outpatient clinic, administering intra articular injections in casualty, and operating every evening till late at night. All with extreme patience and good humour. Manali loved him, and we hope he will return again. It is extremely fortunate he was here for some trauma patients that came in during those days. Thank you Koshy, and Believers hospital Tiruvella!

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