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Digital CR X ray system

Posted by: Philip Alex | Posted on: August 28th, 2013 | 0 Comments

Lady Willingdon hospital now has a digital computed radiography (CR) system, which allows our x rays to be far clearer and sharper than they were with conventional film.

Here is a KUB and IVP (Intra venous pyelogram) to illustrate how clear the system is.

For us, it is now like daylight, while our earlier experience with x rays in comparison was like peering through a dark and gloomy tunnel.

Besides, these images can be viewed on consoles in the emergency department and in the outpatient clinic  and on computers in other areas in the hospital.

The images can also be manipulated to zoom and rotate, and focus on areas that we would like to magnify.

Amazing technology. We are so grateful to those who have made this possible.

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