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Heart matters

Posted by: Philip Alex | Posted on: June 4th, 2013 | 0 Comments

The cardiac health mela was a huge success. The populace were directed through booths that took their height weight, waist hip ration and made them aware of their Body Mass Index and risk of heart disease with the central obesity score. Random blood sugar testing was done, and their blood pressures taken. They were then directed to the excercise track, where their target heart rate was made known to them, and then they were put through paces to achieve it, highlighting the need to be consistent and effective in their pursuit of excercise. Dietary advice was offered on the types of foods to be eaten, and avoided. Stations offering information on the relationship with dental caries to heart disease, and the efffects of heart disease on the eye and the other organ systems educated them on wholistic care. Video presentations demonstrated the process of a heart attack, unveiling what happens within the body when a person experiences a heart attack. At the culmination, they were able to eat a health meal cooked by our staff proving that healthy food can also be tasty. A street play highlighted the importance of heart disease to the onlookers.

The staff did a wonderful job, and every thing came together well to finish a mela, well done. This was also covered in detail in all the local newspapers. Great job, LWH.




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