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Lahaul Spiti camp

Posted by: Philip Alex | Posted on: September 29th, 2013 | 0 Comments


The access to this district is over the formidable Rohtang pass, and traversing the road into this region comes with its share of excitement. The land is a study in contrast from east to west. Cut off and remote, the people have learnt to survive in this harsh environment with an innate fortitude and strength. Every thing here is scarce. Water, electricity, health care, newspapers. Everything has to be brought in over the pass, and the outcome of every emergent situation is decided by whether the people can carry the patient out over the pass, or whether the patient is hardy enough to survive. Understandably, the average populace is hardy, and healthy, because only the healthy survive. Yet, they brave the inclement weather and circumstances with a cheerfulness and a smile that is humbling to the visitor. Medical care is provided by a chain of government health centres, which are usually staffed by a few doctors. Specialists and specialised care is scarce. Surgical services can usually be accessed only in Kullu, Manali or Simla. Recent reports of surgical care being a public health problem where people are unable to access surgery has been highlighted by reports from Sierra leone and Africa. The situation in Lahaul Spiti is not very different and indeed, one can understand why surgery will elbow a place for itself as a public health issue. To meet this need, we will need to plan and execute camps in the future. The provision of safe surgery in remote locations is an incredible challenge.


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