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Posted by: Philip Alex | Posted on: May 19th, 2018 | 0 Comments

The story of our hospital has been a study in God’s provision for our needs. Dr. Dennis is our orthopedic surgeon, who has joined and is capable of doing advanced orthopedic surgery. Prior to his joining our patients needed to go to Chandigarh for this. Orthopedic surgeons have to punctilious and obsessive compulsive about preventing infection in the bones, and an advanced operating theatre is required for joint replacement work. The air entering the operating theatre has to be filtered through HEPA (high efficiency particulate arresting) filters, and blown down onto the operating field and then sucked through vents in the corners so no air recirculates or returns to the operating field. Modifying an operating theatre to meet these standards is a large expense.

We are very grateful to the family of Ms. Mangala Billson (who decided to donate a portion of her legacy to us). Mangala Billson was born in England in November of 1948, moved with her family,in 1958, to new Zealand where she  later obtained a B.A.–majoring in psychology. Her 1st attempts at work were in journalism in South Africa on the staff of Readers Digest.  Mainly though, she spent many years of her life working as a counsellor, travelling to and living   in many places in the world though her base was always primarily in India.

In 2012 she found that she had colon cancer and died shortly before her 64th birthday. In her will she requested that a portion of her savings be used for those who need help–in India, a country she loved very dearly.  She had stayed for long periods at her brother and sister in law’s house above Old Manali and so was familiar with the people and society of this area.

We are also grateful to Interserve USA. With both these donors we were able to upgrade our operating room with standard pendant operating lights, and laminar flow. Interserve USA had a fund which was designated for use in India and was lying dormant for years. When we presented our need, they immediately sent across the required funds to us since it was designated for use in India but they had lacked an end user which fulfilled the requirements for disbursement. Dr. Chris Shin was the person instrumental in procuring this fund for us.

So these are both stories that fulfilled God’s timeline for this place, using donors whose hearts and intentions fitted onto the perfect timeline to ensure that the work here continues smoothly, providing solace and healing to patients of this region.

Is it not amazing?

Here below are the photos of the Late Ms. Mangala Billson, and also Dr. Chris Shin, and Drs. Rachel and Dr. Saroj in the new operating rooms. Dr. Dennis operating on the spine of a patient is also shown separately. 





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