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Leopard attack

Posted by: Philip Alex | Posted on: March 3rd, 2019 | 0 Comments

Manali village folk are not strangers to animal attacks. We have had patients mauled by bears before, though the frequency has been decreasing. Yesterday, we received a 69 year old gentleman who was attacked by a leopard near the old manali bridge. Leopards prowl the forests but rarely descend to human habitation unless they are desperate for food. The predator had come to include some dog meat into his diet. He attacked the elderly man. The man himself was no stranger to forests, having spent his life as a shepherd and jungle forager. Other companions fled, leaving him grappling with the beast. He had the presence of mind to catch the cat by the throat and push him off, though the beast had the mans head in his mouth. He further had the presence of mind to play “dead”. The beast did not fancy human meat on his menu, and so wandered off. 

The man was brought to us with his left eyelid ripped off, frontozygomatic fracture, multiple scalp lacerations and a chunk taken out of his left upper arm. We were able to fix him up and reconstruct his left upper eyelid, while listening to the story of the mans bravery and past exploits. Thankfully his eyeball was intact, though the conjuctiva was torn. 

The leopard was later tranquilised and carted off to safer hunting grounds in Palampur by the forestry department. 

Man and beast stood their procedures well. 

Kudos to the brave heart of Old Manali. Any lesser man would probably have been cremated by the evening. 

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