Living Proof

This page will convey stories of individual patients whose lives have been forever impacted through the ministry of the hospital. While preserving patient privacy, it will  highlight the variety of conditions we are called upon to treat and take care of. Many of these conditions will demand us to extend our reach beyond our resources, and it is a testimony to the hand of God in healing and taking care of those who come to us for help.


Ramnath* and his family had been looking forward to  this day for over two years. For two years they had saved up money to allow them to travel to Manali, and today here they were, looking out at the valley spread before them from the heights of vashisht. They had just visited the Manu temple and they paused, drinking in the view of the sparkling river meandering through deodhar forests, and feeling the mountain air ruffle their hair.

Suddenly Ramnath fell to the ground unconscious. His son and daughter in law were with him and they had the presence of mind to load him up in an autorickshaw and perform CPR on him. The autorickshaw driver was a local and knew that there was only one place that could save him, the mission hospital. Weaving his way through the tourist traffic, he arrived at the emergency room in record time.

The emergency response at the hospital was instantaneous. The buzzer summoned all the staff within seconds, and immediately resuscitation was under way. Iv access. Ambou bag, defibrillator on, airway in place, and chest compressions initiated. He was found to be in ventricular tachycardia, where the heart rhythm is altered, preventing blood from being pumped around the body like it normally should. This was the reason for his unconsciousness, and is the one reversible cause of death that has spawned the placement of automatic defibrillators in public places of transport all over the world. He was immediately shocked and his normal rhythm was re established. A tube was inserted into his lungs and he was shifted to the intensive care unit within the hospital and placed on the ventilator. He was treated for a probable heart attack that may have caused the heart rhythm to alter. A ct scan of his brain was done to see if any vessel in his brain might have got blocked or had burst.

After twenty four hours he was shifted to Fortiss hospital in Mohalli, by our ventilated ambulance. A portable breathing machine breathed for him all the way. Trained staff watched over him and corrected any changes in his status, permitting safe passage over the nine hour journey over the twisting mountain roads.

At the tertiary level institution he continued to recover and was eventually discharged home, functioning normally, but with little memory of what had happened. He is now safe at home, and has resumed being the father, husband, and grandfather to his grateful family.

What happened in this little town of Manali is a medical miracle. The ability to see the entire sequence of events orchestrated and visualize the hand of God saving life here has been a heartwarming story. So many people, organisations and well wishers have made possible what is today a routine part of the day in mission hospital manali. The standards established here today are the results of all their efforts,  choreographed by God himself, for there is no other explanation how all these things have come together at the times they did to make this a present day reality.

We are so grateful to our donors and well wishers, who donated all this critical life saving equipment. Defibrillators, monitors, blood gas machines, a fully equipped ambulance, ct scan, etc, etc. We are so grateful to so many resource people who trained our staff to achieve the standards they hold today. We are so grateful for our staff who tirelessly and ceaselessly care for the patients who come through our doors every day. And we are so grateful to our God who has permitted us to be His hands and feet here on these mountains.

* (Name has been changed, but this is a true story)