Living Proof

This page will convey stories of individual patients whose lives have been forever impacted through the ministry of the hospital. While preserving patient privacy, it will  highlight the variety of conditions we are called upon to treat and take care of. Many of these conditions will demand us to extend our reach beyond our resources, and it is a testimony to the hand of God in healing and taking care of those who come to us for help.

Mr. Z was a commando in the Indian Army on leave when he fell off the mountain with his bullet returning from a wedding. He was first taken to Kullu hospital where he spent nearly twenty four hours and was then brought  to us since there was no provision for him to be operated upon in Kullu. When he came to us he did not have a recordable blood pressure. He had sustained extensive injury that had caused the blood supply to his small and large bowel to be cut off and he required resection of six feet of intestine. The surgery took four hours. It is a tribute to his innate toughness and a testimony to the grace of God that he survived and was discharged well.


We know we will see him again, and hope one day he can resume the active lifestyle he was used to.