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October 15th, 2012

Above and beyond the call of duty

Mr. J was a Dutch national who sustained an intracranial bleed four months ago. He was transferred to a tertiary care centre, where he was on a ventilator with a tracheostomy and ng feeding. He was transferred back to us two and a half months ago. He had no one else with him other than some friends from Manali. He is paralysed on one side and has limited communication capabilities. He stayed with us and slowly recovered.

After much communication with the embassy and his insurance company, we eventually worked out a “Plan Amsterdam”. His insurance would not cover the evacuation, so with much negotiation, we dialogued with the KLM airlines, Dutch embassy, nursing home in Amsterdam, and the local authorities (his visa was about to expire). Eventually a plan was hatched for his transport by commercial aircraft to Amsterdam, accompanied by one of our staff. Despite some glitches on the way, (he aspirated pizza the day prior to an earlier departure) he is now safely on the way back home. We are very grateful to Dr. Madeline Pikaar, who providentially happened to be here at this time and was the key negotiator.

This was indeed a transfer above and beyond the call of duty.