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November 30th, 2016

Amin Chand wins award

Mr. Amin Chand, housekeeping staff wins the Champa Rani memorial employee of the year award. This award is given every year in memory of late Ms. Champa Rani, pharmacy staff who was taken from us in 2010. She exemplified an ideal employee and this award is given by staff selection every year.

This year Mr. Amin Chand won it hands down. Congratulations Amin!

This award is given for the following characteristics:

  1. On time for work habitually
  2. Never absent without prior information
  3. Always cheerful and very good relationships with colleagues and patients
  4. Very compassionate and polite in all dealings
  5. Does work very responsibly and with minimum mistakes
  6. Accountable always for her work, and owns up to any mistake that might happen in the course of work, accepting responsibility for it.
  7. Does not gossip at the workplace about any one else
  8. Does not speak unnecessarily at the work place about others
  9. Always available and willing to adjust to need of the institution as required
  10. Very faithful to learn new procedures and protocols and use them in work