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April 3rd, 2015

And here’s to the new financial year

A new financial year has started. Rain has been incessant, winter reluctant to make way for summer, though the leaves have sprouted  in ready eagerness, unheeded by the dark rain clouds.  Another year has begun, and in case you were wondering if we were hibernating till now, we time our year with the financial year beginning in April.

This years calendar looks packed already, and we have not even started!

We have a profusion of camps lined up, and also work across the pass when it opens.

We have been joined by Pastor David Rout, filling for the first time possibly in history, the role of a full time hospital chaplain. His wife Esther will minister with him, and his two dogs also are very vocal in their willingness to help their ministry here.

We bid farewell to Dr. Ankita, who returns to CMC Vellore to complete her service obligation.

We welcome Dr. Thomas Abraham junior resident, as also look forward to Dr. Andrew Christodos joining us from CMC Vellore in the same capacity.

We are also delighted to welcome Dr. Prakash Jain and his wife for a few months. Dr. Prakash is a hepatobiliary surgeon, and his wife an Anesthetist.

Watch this space for further details and some pictures, as soon as we get them.