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December 6th, 2015

Annual day 2015

The staff of the hospital and the school came together in a mega event to let their hair down, and also relive and relish history on the 5th of November. The annual day program was a stupendous success, with the enthusiastic participation of school and hospital staff staging a multicultural jestful performance. Their zeal was echoed by a lively audience who thoroughly enjoyed themselves. There were snippets of history from the past, and vibrant dances, vocal talent, and thespian skills on vivid display.

All staff had a wonderful time, as all commerated the reliving of “this our story”, and an acknowledgement of “this, HIS story, still being written here in Manali.

And of course, after it all, there was some sumptuous food, and then, dancing… lots of dancing!

Well done All!

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