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August 26th, 2009

August newsletter

As summer wanes, we always breathe a sigh of relief. Relief for the knowledge that we have survived another tourist incursion and the muscle weary summer sprint for the year is now over. The hospital stayed busy throughout the summer months. Sister Victoria, our new nursing superintendent, has brought up nursing standards considerably. Philip stayed busy in the operating room and Anna was tireless in the OPD. The addition of Dr. Ritu Lakesar, our gynecologist, has been a huge blessing. We are witness to His faithfulness in healing through many, more stories of amazing recoveries. We are now gearing up for the Jubilee celebrations, of the hospital in 2010, as we celebrate 75 years of service in this valley. You can keep up with this on the hospital website under the “Jubilee celebrations” page.

Highlights for the staff so far have been a raise in salaries for all middle level staff, a “Ward clean up day”, “Independence Day celebrations”, and committees to initiate the Jubilee celebrations.

We continue to sponsor local children for higher education. This year we have sent the following students for training: You can read about them on the website under the “Sponsored Students” page.

· Thotwan Vashum (OT Technician)

· Tulwanti (Nursing training)

· Meena (Nursing training)

· Ashish Giri (Coaching for med school)

We hope to be able to finalize plans for the New OPD soon and to work towards starting that construction in the coming months.

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