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September 29th, 2013

Camp in Lahaul and Spiti

The Lady Willingdon Hospital team returned on the 28th September after holding camps successfully across Lahaul and Spiti. From Udaipur in the extreme west, to Kibber in the east, the whole of the district was traversed in a week, with camps in Udaipur, Darcha, and Tabo. The civil hospitals in Keylong and Kaaza were visited with a view to using the facilities in the future to provide surgical and specialised services in the future. Three hundred and eighty patients were seen, with people being provided free check ups for dental, eye, physiotherapy, medicine and surgery.

The scenery is a study in contrasts, from Lahaul to Spiti, but equally awe inspiring. The tenacity and good humour of the people who live in such remote and harsh landscape can only be admired and respected. The entire district is in need of specialised services of every kind.

Hypertension seemed to be common, but seldom treated. Ear and eye complaints were also common, with limited access to care or cure. Scabies and skin conditions were common afflictions. Dental hygiene was reasonably good, but there was a tendency for the people to choose extractions over dental conservation.

In every area, the camps were held in the government facilities, and we experienced whole hearted co operation from all the officials concerned.

We hope that we can help this area in 2014 by conducting focussed, well planned speciality camps in the most needy areas.