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August 12th, 2018

Campus clean up day

The hospital staff got together for a campus clean up day. Five teams of zealous scrubbers moppers and movers rolled up their sleeves and attacked the campus areas with gusto, removing five pick up loads of trash and leaving their respective areas spick and span. Mr. Vijay Kumar, principal of the Daystar Schoool, was appointed as judge to gauge the best cleaned area. He was stumped and found that his mathematical formula for evaluation (he is a maths teacher) returned  a five way tie. So Elijah, Dr. Dennis’s one and a half year old son picked the winners from a cap made for the occasion for prizes, and declared teams four and five the winners. The first team got caps emblazoned with the hospital logo and the runners up lapel buttons with an environmentally friendly message. This was followed by great celebration, mutton biryani and of course… dancing. Well done all!