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April 4th, 2014

Ct scanner saves life in Manali

For years we have been looking forward to this day, when the ct scanner came into its own and saved life here in Manali. A young male was brought with a motor vehicle accident, unconscious and unstable. He  underwent resuscitation, was stabilised, blunt trauma abdomen excluded, and went on to have a ct scan head. This showed a depressed skull fracture and blood collected in the brain causing some compression. He underwent a decompression craniotomy, elevation of the depressed fragment and evacuation of the hematoma, was ventilated postoperatively and was transferred by ventilated ambulance to safety in Chandigarh.

This is just one paragraph of events, but has been a decade of anticipation and work, together with the benovelence of so many well wishers and the smooth functioning of the Manali team which has made the above paragraph so non descript. It is with thankfulness and pride that we report this event in Manali, the citizens of whom can now look forward to this standard of care in this remote hill town.