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June 7th, 2017

LWH moves towards paperless medical records

Last week the software engineers from SOCIT technologies implemented phase two of the computerisation system in LWH. This now moves us into a potentially paperless environment where all the medical records of the patients is now stored in digital format. The software still needs some tweaks but essentially the implementation was successful. We hope that as the engineers refine this software it becomes a useful tool for many other smaller mission hospitals like ours. We are grateful to the entire team at SOCIT and are very cognisant that the entire project started because individuals were very obedient to what they felt God was wanting for them to do. 

The photograph shows Dr. Dennis and team on rounds having just finished entries on our mobile workstation which now populates our wards, fondly called R2D2. 

Those interested to learn more about the SOCIT software system can follow the link below:


R2D2 on rounds