Ben and Kelly two nurses working at the local hospital. Ben and Kelly two nurses working at the local hospital. img_0318 logo-name-loving-god SONY DSC DSC06123.JPG

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Play ball

Posted by: Philip Alex | Posted on: June 3rd, 2014 | 0 Comments






A team game is a pleasure to watch, as different players pass a ball along, to achieve a goal. Each player puts in his or her part, and the ball passes along, till it goes through a hoop or a goal with a resounding roar from the onlookers marking its passage.

Patient care is not very different, as the patient passes along in his or her passage through a health care facility, being passed along from department to department, each person contributing in varied ways to the healing that flows from the hospital. The patient recovers and leaves, but there is no resounding roar, only a calm satisfaction in hearts as we know we have done our bit in Gods great pattern of healing.

I stand in the operating theatre as the cases progress, and wonder and thank God for the team in Manali. For every one who puts their hand to the task of taking care of patients in whatever capacity, direct or indirect.

I am so grateful for every one, and for the team here, by which we work together like a smooth machine, taking care of people who come here, hurt, hurting and in pain.

We truly are a team. I am very thankful and proud of you. Let us continue to play ball.

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