Maintenance Department

Keeping all the machines and equipment in working order is no small task, and one which our maintainance department, headed by Mr. Franklyne Dhayalan, consisting of Mr. Rojes, Balwant, Mr. Veero, Mr. Sheru, and Mr. Amit does with ingenuity and skill.

Mr. Franklyne has brought his technical expertise to bear and has executed all his projects with professionalism, including a new Effluent treatment plant and Water treatment plant (first working one in the state), besides all other projects. 

Housekeeping and Laundry

Keeping the hospital clean is a challenging task, one that has utmost importance in the context of delivering health care. We have installed new laundry machines including dryer and press and stain remover. 

Our housekeeping staff, supervised by Sr. Rashmi do a great job despite having to deal with buildings and floors that are half a century old.

Christian Book Room Services

Ms. Sunita  looks after this service, where Christian literature is made available to all who might be interested to read and enquire about the ethos of the hospital. They can also provide a hot cup of coffee or tea while you browse these books. There is a coffee counter adjacent called “More than Coffee” which provides some tasty snacks and coffee with a kick.