General Surgery

Provided by Dr. Philip Alexander, M.S., D.N.B., trained in General Surgery in CMC Ludhiana, where he was a Professor prior to resignation. He also has training in Surgical Gastroenterology from Westmead Hospital in Sydney Australia.

We have been joined by Drs. Pradeep Zechariah and Dr. Josy Thomas, both  trained in General Surgery in C.M.C. Vellore.

We are able to provide Laparoscopic surgery, endourology including TURP and ureterorenoscopy, all forms of endoscopy beside the entire spectrum of general surgery. We also perform pediatric emergency surgery, plastic surgery including pedicled flaps and grafts. We have as occasion demanded also have had to perform emergency craniotomies and thoracotomies. We are active in publishing our work and continue to look at our work critically in the light of current literature.

We have a surgical load of approximately seven hundred major surgeries a year.