JIBHI CHAI (Community Health Action Initiative)

The JIBHI CHAI project is an initiative by the Lady Willingdon Hospital to intervene at the community level in the villages around Jibhi, in Banjaar Block. Women from the neighboring villages have been trained as health workers and nutritional promoters and have been given the responsibility of monitoring and intervening in the nutritional assessment of children under five in the area.   The project is into its sixth year.

This year we are stationing a resident doctor at Jibhi to be available to the patients in this region on a regular basis. Dr. Nishant Arulappan is the first doctor to be posted here. Mr. Payson Stevens has contributed to this enabling this to happen. Mr. Payson is an artist, ecologist who stays in this region.

Annual health mela is conducted in villages in the surrounding panchayat where children are seen, weighed and assessed nutritionally, dental and eye check ups conducted and ¬†health education imparted via “kala jatha” or street plays which convey powerful messages of health in a locally acceptable context.