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Thanks to Feico and Madeline

Posted by: Philip Alex | Posted on: November 30th, 2012 | 0 Comments

We were blessed to have Drs. Feico and Madeline with us for the last four months. Drs Feico and Madeline had visited Manali when they were young doctors and since have visited us again together and separately. In fact, Manali was a common interest for them which drew them together, and now they return to us with their three lovely children, Reuben, Mathias and Elske.

Dr. Feico was a great help, and had a lot of patients waiting to see him since he was the only pediatrician, and in his tenure here it so happened that we got a series of very sick neonates, all of whom have survived and done well under his care.

Dr. Madeline helped out in the opd and also in arranging the transfer of a sick Dutch national back to his homeland. (see the article on “Beyond the call of duty”).

While here they were also able to attend clinics in Spiti and Madgram.

It was lovely having them here with us, and as they leave us today, we send them with our blessings and thanks, knowing how much it would have cost them to take time away from their practice at home to be with us.

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