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Tribute to a doctor

Posted by: Philip Alex | Posted on: September 6th, 2017 | 0 Comments

Even now as the ENT camp is in full swing in Manali, with hordes of patients waiting to be seen and operated in Lady Willingdon Hospital Manali, we pay tribute to Dr. George Ani, the surgeon who pioneered this and made it possible. 

Dr. George finished his MBBS from Christian Medical College Ludhiana, and then specialised in ENT from Christian Medical College Vellore. He stayed on at Vellore to be come faculty and specialised in voice and hearing disorders. 

His heart always went out to those who did not have. In an attempt to make a difference, he spent his own leave travelling to far flung and remote areas of India to provide ENT services, operate on people and help needy locations. 

He started providing this service in Manali biannually since 2009. Every year, he used to come twice and see about 500 patients and operate through the night to give those who were deaf, the miracle of hearing again. For the people in this region, this is nothing short of a miracle, since the only other option for them is to travel to Chandigarh for similar facilities, at an exorbitant and often unaffordable cost. He also used to bring surgeons from other parts of India to help him here. 

In late February 2016, while cycling from Vellore to Bangalore, he was hit by a speeding vehicle and died in a tragic accident. He leaves a huge lacuna, not only in his family and his institution, but in all our hearts,  here and in various hospitals scattered all over India, who remember the kindly doctor and his ministrations. 

Here he is seen with his wife, Dr. Annie. 

We know you are with Jesus, George but  we miss you! 


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