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Updates 2017

Posted by: Philip Alex | Posted on: February 23rd, 2017 | 0 Comments

It has been a while since we were active on the internet. In cold climates, bears regularly hibernate to tide over the winter, and the website thought it was a bear. 

But with the thaw of spring, we stretch our limbs and yawn, and look around to a new year. The snows have gone, and a sense of spring is in the air. This sense has not touched the trees as yet, which are as skeletal as ever but hope of budding and greening trills with the warbles of the ashy drongo which has come to Manali. 

We still have pending projects from last year. One operating theatre has been completed and we have started surgery in it. It is SUCH a wonderful thing to have climate controlled conditions. Our patients won’t become hypothermic anymore and surgeons too are most grateful for this change. Laminar flow establishes 25 air changes a minute through the theatre via hepa filters situated above the operative field. A fluid warmer provides warmed iv fluids so we don’t need to give cold saline infusions any more! Now we need to start work on the other ot to bring that also unto this standard, and I suspect this process will take two more months at the least. 

Our oxygen plant is still incomplete but we have hope of getting it done now that snow has left the ground permitting workers to complete it. 

There are a lot of projects and plans on the anvil for this year. 

Watch this space for updates !

Thank you for your support and interest. 

We are very thankful to God for another year to look forward to and work here in Manali. 

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